I’m an author of inspirational fiction, using thrillers and short story collections as a way to bring insights to people all over the world. I’m taking a modern-day spin on parables and carrying the idea forward. My debut novel, Stolen, is the first in a planned series of fiction thrillers centering on controversial topics like drugs, sex trafficking, adultery, suicide, and other all too common mainstream struggles. These thrillers are sure to engage readers from beginning to end, but readers looking more closely will discover underlying allegories designed to inspire and encourage people in their personal lives.

In addition to fiction, I have a passion for writing Christian Living books that teach, inspire, and encourage. There’s so much buried treasure just waiting to be discovered! And if you liked my fiction thrillers, then be sure to look for the accompanying Bible Study which offers insights into the allegory, and provides discussion questions which can be utilized individually or within a group setting.

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Whether it’s through my books, blog or social media, I look forward to the ways I can connect with all of you. There’s so much for us to learn, and I hope you’ll take this journey with me.

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