Fiction Thriller & Allegory

Seventeen and on the streets, Star is a runaway headed down a dark path. It becomes even darker when she catches the eye of a serial killer who holds her captive in a…

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Nonfiction Inspirational

Tell Them
Christian Living / Inspirational

We tend to hide what’s embarrassing or even shameful. We fear walking our past or present struggles into the light will cause judgement and rejection. It doesn’t matter if…

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The Waiting Room
Christian Living / Inspirational

If you’re in need of a miracle, interceding for a loved one, or believing in God to move a mountain, getting on your knees is the easy part. The hard part is waiting…

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Bible Studies

Stolen Study Companion
7 Session Bible Study

We live in a fallen world, and the mainstream struggles we read about in the news or experience in our own lives can represent frightening parables to our spiritual walks…

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